Sculptra Post-Care Instructions

Before Your Appointment

To decrease the risk of bruising, no over the counter blood thinning medication or supplements 1 week prior to your appointment.

Please arrive at your appointment with a clean, makeup free face.

After Your Appointment

Do not apply makeup for 12 hours post-Sculptra treatment.

Post Sculptra massage:

  • Your provider will instruct you on how to perform the massage before you leave your appointment.
  • Using moderate pressure, use your fingers to massage the treated areas in a circular motion for five minutes a day, five times a day, for five consecutive days.
  • The massage is an important step in integrating the Sculptra product into your tissue for best long-term outcome and results!
  • Easy ways to integrate the facial massage into your daily routine:
    • During your morning skincare routine. Massage in equal intervals with your facial cleanser, Vitamin C serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen.
    • With clean hands, massage during a lunch break at work.
    • During your evening skincare routine.
    • During your favorite TV show.

Remember to follow up for your next Sculptra treatment in 4-8 weeks!

For additional questions regarding this procedure, please contact your provider at Central Texas Dermatology or SkinCare Austin.

Call 512-327-7779 for Dr. Emily Prosise, Dr. Zoltan Trizna, Dr. Halliday McDonald, Dr. Olivia Chen, Mellissa Binney, PA-C, and Lia Stratton, FNP-C.

Call 512-327-2227 for Diana Haeg, LA, and Jenni Phipps, RN, LA.

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