Acne Treatment and Dermatologist in Austin, Texas

Acne Treatment

Acne can happen at any age.

Adults are equally susceptible to this painful and frustrating condition at various stages of life. We understand. And we are happy to offer a variety of treatments that relieve the symptoms and control the outbreaks.

Acne doesn't have to scar your life.

BLU-U® Light Therapy

Noticeable improvement in as little as two weeks.

BLU-U® Light Therapy clears your skin of acne by killing the bacteria that cause it. The fluorescent blue light is toxic to Proprionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) ™ the bacterium that promotes acne breakouts.

BLU-U® is safe, fast, painless, and very effective. It targets only your acne-prone sebaceous glands, not the surrounding tissue.

BLU-U® often works faster than the traditional topical or oral treatments. You should see visible improvement in two to four weeks.

TOPICAL OR ORAL TREATMENT ALTERNATIVE BLU-U® is an effective option if your skin is irritated by acne gels, creams, and liquids. BLU-U® is also an excellent, drug-free choice if you cannot take antibiotics or if you don’t want to take oral acne medications.

BLU-U®: The Treatment

  • During BLU-U® Therapy
  • 16 minutes, two times per week A typical treatment takes approximately 16 minutes. All you do is put on protective goggles and sit facing the BLU-U® light. It’s painless and relaxing.
  • For optimal results we usually recommend two treatments per week for four consecutive weeks.
  • After BLU-U® Therapy
  • No downtime There is no recovery period and no residual redness, scarring, or burning.
  • Maintenance BLU-U® is an acne treatment, not a cure. Depending on lifestyle factors, your acne may stay away for months after the initial treatment sequence. Some patients benefit from a single monthly maintenance treatment.


BLU-U® does no damage to the skin and requires no downtime. There are no known side effects. If you are pregnant or nursing, or if you have a sensitivity to light, you should consult with us before undergoing BLU-U® treatment.


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