Minimal Incision Face Lift

S-Lift Minimal Incision Face Lift

The S-Lift restores a natural, youthful look to your lower face and neck with no hospital stay, no general anesthesia, and no extreme "wind tunnel" outcome.

With an S-Lift we remove excess tissue surgically and tighten the skin through tiny incisions that heal in just a few days. You enjoy impressive results with a procedure that is safer, requires less recovery time, and is less costly than a conventional face lift.


Mild to moderate laxity in the lower face and neck.

The Treatment:

After giving you a local anesthetic, the Dr. Ramsdell makes a "S"-shaped incision in front of each ear and uses sutures to tighten the face and neck muscles. Excess skin is removed, and the incision is sutured closed. The resulting scars are hidden in the folds of skin in front of your ears.

For best results we often combine the S-Lift with a jowl and neck lift. The S-Lift may also be combined with placement of a chin implant. This is a very safe procedure that makes an impressive, yet natural-looking impact on your appearance.

The Schedule

The S-Lift is performed in our office under local anesthesia. You can return home the same day and should be able to resume your usual activities after a few days of recovery.


You may expect some swelling and bruising, but complications are infrequent. They include hematoma, infection, nerve damage, skin dimpling or skin loss, and unattractive scarring. A chin implant could migrate from its original position. Because of the greater risk of complications, we will not perform the S-Lift on people who smoke.