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Restore Your Youthful Neck with our Neck Lift Surgery.

Rejuvenate your neck to its youthful form. There are several options to restore firm contours, including tumescent liposuction and laser surgery.

Patients are always amazed at the dramatic difference this low-impact treatment makes. It’s quick and minimally invasive, involves only a local anesthetic, and requires just a few days for recovery. Patients often schedule their treatment at the beginning of a long holiday weekend so they don’t have to miss any work.


Loss of skin elasticity, loose skin, excess fat accumulation. Vertical bands in the neck muscle.

The Treatment:

Modern medicine has provided us with six excellent ways to give you back a well-defined neck.

Method #1: Nonsurgical
Kybella is a nonsurgical option that injects a synthesized form of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule into the fat pocket below the chin. The injections work to dissolve fat cells, resulting in tightening of the skin. Read more on Kybella.
Method #2: Tumescent Liposuction
Using three tiny incisions tumescent liposuction removed fat cells permanently. This results in profound tightening of the skin. Read more on Tumescent Liposuction.
Method #3: Tumescent Liposuction with tightening of the neck muscle
This combination is designed for those with thickened neck muscles, vertical banding, or fat located beneath the neck muscle. A small one inch incision is made to remove fat cells beneath the chin to provide a natural look.
Method #4: Neck Lift
If there is too much excess skin for the procedure above a neck lift may be the solution. The surgeon excises the skin around the ear, to remove any excess. The remaining skin is then trimmed and pulled back adjacent to the ear, to minimize scarring.
Method #5: Neck Lift in conjunction with a Face Lift
This gives the overall face a naturally youthful look. Read more on Face Lifting.
Method #6: “Grecian Urn” –Type excision
Skin is removed directly from the skin at the front of the neck. This method is usually reserved for patients with extreme laxity and poor skin quality.

In patients with a receding chin, a natural-appearing chin implant can be placed. This helps to better define not only the chin but the entire jawline.

The Schedule

After three days of recovery, we will remove your bandages and you will be free to resume normal activities.


In addition to the complications associated with any type of surgery (infection, bleeding, scarring, drug reactions), this procedure could result in damage to a branch of the facial nerve that runs along the jawline, resulting in drooping, usually temporary, of one or both sides of the mouth. The skin could heal with an irregular contour. Vertical neck bands could not disappear completely or could reoccur. A chin implant could migrate from its original position.

  • Jowl and Neck Lift Before and After #1
  • Jowl and Neck Lift Before and After #2
  • Jowl and Neck Lift Before and After #3

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