Jowl & Neck Lifts Austin

A jowl and neck lift (or lower face lift or weekend face-lift) restores firm contours with tumescent liposuction and laser surgery.

Patients are always amazed at the dramatic difference this low-impact treatment makes. It’s quick and minimally invasive, involves only a local anesthetic, and requires just a few days for recovery. Patients often schedule their treatment at the beginning of a long holiday weekend so they don’t have to miss any work.


Loss of skin elasticity, loose skin, excess fat accumulation. Vertical bands in the neck muscle.

The Treatment:

The Dr. Ramsdell begins by injecting an anesthetic solution, which deadens the treatment area while lifting the skin from underlying tissue. Excess fat is suctioned out and, if necessary, the skin is tightened with a laser device.

If you want, a chin implant may be placed at this time. This is a very safe procedure that makes an impressive, yet natural-looking impact on your appearance. The incisions are closed with sutures and bandaged, then you are ready to go home.

If you want to correct laxity in the lower portion of your face we can combine this procedure with a S-Lift.

The Schedule

After three days of recovery we will remove your bandages and you will be free to resume normal activities.


In addition to the complications associated with any type of surgery (infection, bleeding, scarring, drug reactions), this procedure could result in damage to a branch of the facial nerve that runs along the jawline, resulting in drooping, usually temporary, of one or both sides of the mouth. The skin could heal with an irregular contour. Vertical neck bands could not disappear completely or could reoccur. A chin implant could migrate from its original position.

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