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Austin, Texas' Premier Provider of FotoFacial Treatments for Various Skin Conditions

FotoFacial™ | Intense Pulsed Light | IPL®

FotoFacial™ eliminates a wide range of skin conditions and flaws on the face and upper body. A series of non-invasive treatments spaced three or four weeks apart delivers the best results and requires little to no downtime.


Sun damage, fine wrinkles, lax skin, large pores, irregular pigmentation, rosacea, redness, brown spots, freckles, or dilated blood vessels on the face, neck, chest, arms, or hands.


The Treatment

After the option of applying an anesthetic cream we use a light-based device to direct precisely controlled pulses of energy in mutiple wavelengths through your skin. Dilated blood vessels, excessively pigmented skin, and damaged skin tissue absorb the heat and are destroyed. The laser also stimulates collagen production, which diminishes wrinkles and fine lines. Because the laser is non-ablative, the surface of your skin is untouched.


The Schedule

Most patients need five 30-40 minute treatments spaced three or four weeks apart. Many patients also require a refresher treatment once every six months.


All skin types respond well. Mild redness for up to 24 hours after a treatment is common. Blistering, bruising, increased or decreased pigmentation, and scarring are rare side effects.

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Hyperpigmentation/Sun damage and Anti-Aging.


  • fotofacial before and after
  • fotofacial before and after
  • fotofacial before and after
  • fotofacial before and after
  • fotofacial before and after

Before and After Care Instructions

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