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Voluma™ Facial Fillers in Austin, Texas

We love Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers like Juvéderm™ and Restylane® for filling and smoothing wrinkles. HA is natural, effective, and even helps bring water to you skin for a healthy, hydrated look. But until recently, HA was not was not approved to add volume and lift to the face.

Now, with Voluma’s™ new VYCROSS™ technology, you can achieve volumizing and lifting effects with a natural, smooth HA filler. Voluma’s™ ability to restore body and fullness to the cheeks and mid-face is truly exceptional.

Available at both
Central Texas Dermatology and SkinCare Austin

The Treatment

Voluma® is injected into the skin with an ultrafine needle and the use of a local anesthetic. Results are immediate and may last a year or longer. You will experience little or no recovery period.

The Schedule

Many patients achieve their desired results after a single treatment, but we may suggest a follow-up visit to evaluate your progress. Hyaluronic acid—the all-natural ingredient in Voluma®—gradually break down and is absorbed naturally into your body. When your youthful look starts to fade, it’s time to schedule another treatment.


You may briefly experience reactions common to any injection: mild irritation, swelling, itching, bruising, or tenderness. These conditions usually resolve quickly on their own.

  • Voluma Before and After #1
  • Voluma Before and After #2