Central Texas Dermatology is pleased to welcome Lilian Machuca,  certified family nurse practitioner specializing in aesthetic wellness and cosmetic dermatology.

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Tummy Tuck Surgical Fat Removal in Austin Texas

A tummy tuck restores both form and function to your core area, allowing you to live confidently, unencumbered by excess fat and skin at your midsection.


The ideal candidate for a tummy tuck is somebody who has loose abdominal skin or diastasis (laxity) of the rectus, the area often referred to as your ‘six-pack’ of abdominal muscles.

This is often seen in people who have had children or who have lost a significant amount of weight. In either case, the ideal patient is within 10 to 15 pounds of their goal weight. In the case of someone who has had children, it’s recommended they wait until they’re done growing their family, as future pregnancy can undo surgical results.

The Treatment

Benjamin Eskenazi, MD, FACS, double board-certified plastic surgeon, will perform your tummy tuck in an AAASF-accredited surgery center next to Central Texas Dermatology & Plastic Surgery.

A tummy tuck involves making a low incision similar to a C-section below the bikini line. The procedure tightens the muscles of the abdomen to reduce or eliminate weakness, laxity, and separation. Excess skin is also removed.

Often, plastic surgeons perform tummy tucks alongside liposuctions to improve the shape and contour of the hips, flanks, and waist area for that nice hourglass shape. Sometimes the patient is flipped on their stomach for a 360 degree lipo.

The Schedule

Following an initial in-person surgical consultation, Dr. Eskenazi provides his best recommendation for patients based on their unique anatomy.

Certified specialists perform tummy tuck surgeries in an AAASF-accredited surgery center. The extent of the surgery is customized and depends entirely on the individual.

Most patients who undergo a tummy tuck should plan to spend seven to 10 days away from work and refrain from any strenuous activities during this time. Many – but not all – patients will have drain tubes for a short period of time.

After a week, you can resume light activity, and restrictions gradually ease. You can begin showering two days post-op, but wait one month before you submerge your incisions in water while bathing or swimming.

Following a tummy tuck, it’s extremely important to not do any heavy lifting for about four weeks. After the four-week mark, most patients will be able to resume all activities as before.

By about six weeks out, most swelling has dissipated. It can take nine months to a year for scars to fully fade and for normal sensation to return to the skin in the area.

Patients can expect a reduction in abdominal stretch marks and a significant reduction in abdominal skin laxity. They will also appreciate the improvement in shape and appearance of the belly button as well as improvement in the shape and silhouette of their waist.


While major complications are uncommon, their potential reinforces the importance of consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Following any plastic surgery procedure, patients may experience pain, scarring, infection, bleeding from the incision, blood clots and cosmetic dissatisfaction.

Following a tummy tuck, patients may rarely experience necrosis of skin if the surgeon tries to pull the skin too tight or if they’re too aggressive in their approach.

  • before and after tummy tuck
  • before and after tummy tuck
  • before and after tummy tuck
  • before and after tummy tuck
  • before and after tummy tuck
  • before and after tummy tuck