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Lip Implants, Enhancements, and Augmentations in Austin, Texas

If you augment your lips regularly with a dermal filler you may be ready for a more permanent treatment.

With Perma Lip Implants™ you can choose how much to reshape your lips and how long you want the enhancement to last — even if it’s a lifetime.

Perma Lip Implants are made of a soft, pliable silicone substance that looks and feels natural under the skin. The implants are solid, so they will never rupture or deflate. They are available in a variety of lengths and diameters to give you the lips nature didn’t.

The implants are permanent, but they can be easily removed if you change your mind or want to try a different size.

Reshape your lips for as long as you want.



Lips that are naturally thin or irregular, or those that have lost fatty tissue or have begun turning inward with age.

The Treatment:

We begin with a local anesthetic or nerve block to numb your lips, then the doctor makes a small incision on the inner side of the lip and inserts the implant. The procedure takes an hour or less, and you will be able to drive yourself home immediately after.

The Schedule

In your initial consultation, the doctor will determine the proper implant for the look you want.

  • Before

    Perma Lip Implant Surgery

  • Discontinue smoking

    one month prior to surgery.

  • Discontinue aspirin, ibuprofin, and fish oil pills

    two weeks before surgery to minimize bruising. If you take prescription anticoagulant medications, please discuss with the doctor.

  • One day before surgery,

    start taking the medications the doctor will prescribe for you: a pre-operative antibiotic and Valtrex, an antiviral pill.

  • After

    Perma Lip Implant Surgery

  • Cold compresses or ice packs

    for the first two days will reduce swelling and discomfort.

  • Apply Vaseline, Bacitracin, or Mupirocin

    to the incision site three times daily.

  • Avoid excessive stretching of the lips

    for 10 days. After two weeks it is helpful to massage the lips gently or stretch them by opening your mouth widely.


You can expect swelling, tenderness, and bruising for a few days. The doctor will prescribe a pain medication to ease any discomfort. Infection and bleeding or hematoma are also possible. Numbness in the lip area may persist for an indefinite period of time. In rare instances numbness may be permanent. Extrusion of the implant, abnormal contour of the lip, and restriction of lip function are also possible side effects. Most patients return to their regular activities the day after surgery. Although your lips may be sensitive to pressure for up to two weeks, any bruising and swelling should disappear within a week of the treatment.

  • before and after lip augmentation
  • before and after lip reshaping