Xeomin® Treatment & Injections for Effective Wrinkle Removal in Austin, Texas

XEOMIN® is the new choice for wrinkle prevention. It works just like BOTOX® and uses the same active ingredient to reduce wrinkles by relaxing the muscles that cause them. The difference is that XEOMIN® contains no protein additives, and you may be less likely to develop a resistance to the XEOMIN® formulation.

XEOMIN® is effective on frown lines and wrinkles between the eyebrows, forehead creases, lip lines, and crow’s feet.

Available at both
Central Texas Dermatology and SkinCare Austin

The Treatment

We inject XEOMIN® into the underlying muscles that form your frown lines. By inhibiting these muscles, XEOMIN® stops wrinkles before they can form.

Treatment takes 20 minutes or less, and you may resume your regular activities immediately.

The Schedule

You will start seeing results three to ten days after treatment and will have your best results after 30 days. Results typically last three months or longer.


You may experience bruising or transient headaches. Minor temporary droop of one eyelid occurs in approximately two percent of patients. This usually lasts two to three weeks. Pregnant women and individuals with a significant neurologic disease should not receive Xeomin® treatments.

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