By Benjamin Eskenazi, MD, FACS

Welcome back to my three-part series covering plastic surgery procedures that are ideal to schedule during Winter and Spring to have you feeling like your most confident self just in time for swimsuit season this Summer.

Earlier, we discussed reasons patients may feel less-than-confident when it comes to shedding winter layers. Everyone’s ‘why’ is different, but weight fluctuation, health challenges and body changes that occur with pregnancy are common reasons given for body insecurity.

Among my patients preparing for swimsuit season, the most commonly requested plastic surgery procedures include:

In this blog post, I’m going to answer all your top three most frequently asked questions about breast surgery, which could include some combination of lift, reduction and augmentation.

If you’re interested in learning more about how I can help you achieve your swimsuit-season confidence goals, I’d love to begin the discussion with you. Just call (512) 448-2777 to schedule your consultation.

Breast Surgery

Who is an ideal candidate for breast surgery?

Each patient comes to me with different goals. I evaluate your medical history and physical exam and tailor the surgery specifically to you. Depending on your goals, we may do some combination of breast lift, reduction or augmentation. The ideal candidate for surgery would be somebody who is healthy, desires to see a change/improvement in their breast shape, size, and/or symmetry, and is not currently pregnant or planning to be in the near future.

What’s involved in a breast surgery procedure?

I’ll perform your breast surgery under anesthesia in an AAASF-accredited surgery center adjacent to Central Texas Dermatology & Plastic Surgery. My procedure and technique will vary based upon you and your individual preferences. Every part of your experience will be customized including your surgical plan, post-op regimen and supportive garments.

What can I expect in terms of recovery time following breast surgery?

Whether you’re desiring a lift, reduction or augmentation, downtime and recovery is similar. Most patients should plan to take roughly a week away from work and major life responsibilities to relax and recuperate. You should be able to shower and take care of your basic daily needs without any assistance within 48 hours. I tell any patient who wants to have breast surgery to plan to avoid strenuous activities (heavy lifting, bouncing, jumping) for four weeks. You should not submerge your incisions while you heal so if you have a beach trip coming up it’s best to schedule your procedure at least a month out unless you plan to avoid the water.