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Archive for January, 2023

Where Is Botox Injected?

By: Lily Machuca, FNP-C Where is Botox injected? The better question to ask may actually be “where can’t Botox be injected?” Neurotoxins like Jeuveau, Dysport, and Botox are indicated for cosmetic use in the frontalis, glabella, and crow’s feet, but are utilized every day in cosmetics to create various smoothing, balancing, and lifting effects across […]

Should You Get A Breast Augmentation? It Depends

The journey of breast augmentation surgery is a very personal one – everyone’s ‘why’ is different. There is not an absolute ‘best time’ to have a breast augmentation, but there are several timing considerations that we’ll walk you through in this blog post. Please keep in mind that these are broad recommendations. If you’re considering […]